If you would like to get a closer look at the building, and thereby gain insight into the architecture and the day-to-day life of the residents, you need to book a guided tour at 8tallet. Then you will see our building with a local tourguide living in 8tallet.

Please book as soon as possible as all our guides are volunteers only. The guided tours are for both professionals and other interested parties and a tour will last one hour. Here you will be introduced to the architecture and learn more about how it is living in our the 8-house.

The tours are conducted in Danish or English, but several of our guides are also able to offer the tour in other languages such as German, French and Russian.

If you wish to book a tour, please send an email to our Guide group ( In the email please specify your requested date and time and any specific language for the tour. 

The price of a tour for a group of up to 20 people is DKK 500. You can pay in cash, via MobilePay or by invoice. If you prefer an invoice, please enclose invoicing details in your email. We will return with a confirmation of the booked tour within a week. 

We love to show our beautiful building, but we do request visitors to respect the privacy of our residents, and keep the following rules in mind:

• Larger groups (6+people) and all commercial guided groups need to book a tour and thereby be able to see more of the building. For groups lesser than 6 people, visiting hours are 10-16 at weekdays.

  • The tours are at your own risk, and not for people with walking disabilities

• Feel free to take pictures of the scenic view and the architecture, but please avoid taking pictures of our private homes (this includes backdrops for ‘selfies’)

• Please avoid loud conversations when you walk on the paths

• It is not allowed to enter the private terraces unless you have been invited by the resident.

• Please keep in mind this is a residential area and do not stare into the homes.

• All use of bicycles or seaways on the paths are not permitted